Areas Of Practice

If you do not know what you are entitled to under the law, burdened by bills, intimidated by the process, and looking for answers; we can help. We seek to provide every client excellent service with a results oriented approach. If you are uncertain whether or not you need or want an attorney, please feel free to call and schedule a free consultation.

  • Estate Planning
    Estate planning can be a tricky and complex process. Without knowledgeable legal counsel, many people unwittingly may violate fiduciary obligations and/or statutory obligations. Luckily, you can hire someone else to navigate the web of the legal process for you. We have substantial experience in estate planning and probate litigation. We guide our clients with confidence and insight through the key aspects of estate planning, creating wills and trusts that are faithful to their values — effective and comprehensive testamentary documents that will withstand any attempted will contest or legal challenges.

    For example, when our clients execute wills, we make sure that the legal requirements for capacity and/or avoidance of undue influence are met. We are also knowledgeable of financial elder abuse laws. We know the pitfalls to avoid as we assist Oregon and California residents in designing estate plans that take into account all their assets and financial objectives. We guide clients through estate planning encompassing legal documents and issues such as: 
      • Charitable Trusts
      • Special Needs Trusts
      • Revocable Trusts
      • Irrevocable Trusts
      • Trusts designed to avoid or minimize inheritance taxes
      • Business succession plans
  • Probate
    It is always in all parties’ best interest to create estate planning documents with a licensed attorney in your state. Once someone has passed away, however, the opportunity for estate planning has passed, and if any assets of the deceased person were not accounted for in a trust, the probate process will be necessary. In an intestate case where no will existed, state laws specify how an estate will be distributed in probate administration. We specialize in probate administration. John Babin is licensed to practice law in both Oregon and California. Even if you are out-of-state and have an Oregon or California probate matter, we can assist you.

    Probate administration is an example of an area of the law where an experienced non-attorney can strongly complement attorneys' roles, resulting in efficiency and cost savings to clients. We have a small, but dedicated staff of non-attorneys that work tirelessly to assist our clients with their probate issues. Clients rely on our staff’s skillful facilitation of communication and completion of paperwork connected with probate. We work to ensure accuracy and timeliness that translate into successfully administered probate cases. 

    We are available to advise fiduciaries in trust administration as well as take probate through the court system.
  • Business Law
    Our attorneys advise and represent business clients in a wide spectrum of areas and concerns, including the following: 
      • Business startups
      • Business entities: corporations such as C-corporations, S-corporations, LLPs, LLCs, PCs and nonprofit organizations
      • Business purchase and sale agreements
      • Partnership agreements
      • Partnership dispute resolution
      • Partnership dissolution agreements
      • Drafting and review of contracts
      • Breach of contract disputes: Our clients may be plaintiffs or defendants.
      • Business-to-business transactions and disputes
      • Commercial leases
      • Construction deals
    Businesses that are not large enough to have their own in-house counsel assign BabinLaw P.C. the role that an in-house lawyer would fill.
  • Personal Injury
    We chose to practice personal injury law so that we could stop the cycle of harm caused by negligent parties and create safer communities. We help hold individuals and companies accountable for their negligence so that others don't have to suffer the consequences.

    We handle all personal injury claims, including: 
      • Unsafe Products
      • Workplace Injuries
      • Insurance Disputes
      • Nursing Home Negligence
      • Negligence
      • Wrongful Death
      • Auto Accidents
      • Semi-truck Accidents
      • Motorcycle Accidents
      • Bicycle Accidents
      • Pedestrian Accidents

We Know We Can Depend On His Advice

"John is considered the dean of attorneys in Curry County and Del Norte County. And for good reason. He is always there when you need good legal advice. He has functioned as our corporate attorney since our inception 4 years ago. His office maintains all of our corporate records. Whenever we have a question he is one of the first we always call as we know we can depend on his advice. I have known John for almost 20 years and highly recommend him for any time legal advice is needed."

Jim Relaford